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Practice Areas

We combine commitment, modern strategies and passion to deliver effective results for our clients. Our legal representatives are readily accessible to counsel businesses and individuals from the most routine matters to the most complex.
Our legal team practice in the following areas:

Business Law Litigation

We have highly qualified and experienced practitioners representing clients in all types of general civil litigation and commercial litigation, ranging from relatively simple contract disputes to litigation involving complex questions of law. 

Litigation disputes that our civil litigation lawyers frequently handle consist of:

Internet & cyber law practice

We also provide our services to Information Technology companies in matters ranging from developing web sites and effective Internet marketing strategies to pursuing digital copyright infringement and other Internet law based claims like:

Corporate Law

Our business lawyers counsel clients in a variety of corporate and commercial transactions including:

Intellectual property Rights

The field of Intellectual Property Rights is one of the highly emergent legal fields so we have a have a team of dedicated experts who have the dexterity to advice our clients on creation, registration and protection of intellectual property rights in India and throughout the world.

Constitutional and Labour Laws

Our legal representatives have accomplished experience in this field and deliver legal counseling to our corporate clients and individual cases on regulatory compliance with various constitutional, labour and service laws common in India.

Arbitration Laws

At ALG, we understand the multi-cultural and the multi-jurisdictional aspects of international business in this age of globalization. Our lawyers have considerable experience in both domestic and international arbitration and mediation and other relatable forms of alternative dispute resolution. Our legal representative have acted as arbitrators and are well renowned in areas of general and special practice, including finance, commerce, contractual, building, construction, as well as industry and employment related discrepancies and disputes.

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment is encouraged and permitted, subject to certain conditions, in prominent real estate sectors in India. Investing in real estate in India require compliance with various laws which run into dozens, some of them more than 100 years old and some very new.  In addition to federal laws of India, there are many state laws governing real estate transactions and investment. The federal laws governing real estate include:

To avoid any unfavorable contingencies, the foreign Investors should also be careful in investing in real estate in India.  A proper legal advice is highly recommended before investing in this sector.

Criminal Law

Under the constitution, criminal jurisdiction belongs concurrently to the central government and the states. The prevailing law on crime prevention and punishment is embodied in two principal statutes: the Indian Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1973.